ABOUT VISA INFORMATION                    

image001All persons entering Ghana must be in ownership of a legitimate passport or Travel Documents establishing the identity of the holder. Travel Documents include vaccination certificates and other travel documents issued by International Agencies recognized by the Government of Ghana. All volunteers or Interns to Ghana will be required to obtain a visa from nearest Ghanaian Representation (Embassy, Consulate or High Commission) in their country. Where Ghana has no Consular or Diplomatic representation, an application for Entry Visa may be made to the nearest Diplomatic Mission or Consulate authorized by the Government of Ghana.
Director of Immigration

Ghana Immigration Service
Private Mail Bag
Ministries Post Office-Accra
Tel: +233-3221-221667 / +233-3221-225321 / +233-21-224445
Fax +233-3221-226996
Find below Ghanaian Consulates and their websites:
USA – website: www.ghanaembassy.org
UK – website: www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com
Canada – website: www.ghc-ca.com
Germany – website: www.ghanaemberlin.de
Australia – website: www.ghanacg.com.au
Netherlands – website: www.ghanaembassy.nl
Italy – website: www.ghanaembassy.it
Other General Countries – website: www.embassyworld.com

What vaccinations will I need for Ghana?

In Africa, malaria is the major problem; volunteers are highly encouraged to get a malaria vaccine before leaving for Ghana. Volunteer match Ghana suggests that you consult a travel doctor from your country before you depart. Volunteers are recommended to immunize for Hepatitis A, B, Typhoid and polio (NOTE: Some vaccinations are needed as much as 1-2 months before arrival in Ghana).