When can I start?
Volunteers’ should notice that for non-teaching programs, you can start anytime of the year.
You can start teaching programs at any time of the year except the months of April, August and December.

What qualifications or experience do I need?

Applicants should be able to communicate in basic English. There is no maximum educational qualification set. Participants must be at least 18 years on intended start date. Couples, Singles/ Families/ Partners/ Groups are welcome. There are no nationality, race or color restrictions – It’s open to all people. Volunteers must be physically fit to work 2-5 hours a day in a tropical country. You must be able to withstand temperatures of 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit (25-35 Celsius); and humidity of 55-60%.

How soon do I need to apply?
The earlier you apply, the better – you can submit your application up to 18 months in advance. Whiles you can also mail or send your application this month and start next month.

When will I know whether I have been accepted or not?
Samba Africa will send you an email detailing your assigned placement. This email usually sent to you within three days of submitting your application indicates that your application was successful. Can I be put at the same placement as my accompanying friend/ spouse? Yes, certainly you can!

Will there be other volunteers at my placement?
In filling out your application, you can bring out whether or not you would like to have another participants placed with you. This means that you would be traveling alone and would like to enjoy the company of another volunteer who is also traveling alone. This usually shows that you would share one bedroom – but with separate beds. Some placements have more than one room for volunteers: in such case, you can a colleague volunteer as company and still have your own separate bedroom.

Can I choose where I would like to be placed?
Yes, you can. Parts of the application form has been made in such a way that you can have the opportunity to choose the type of location you prefer to place.

I am a vegetarian, can I come?
Yes indeed, you can. Ghana has many fruits and fresh vegetables which should make it quite easy to practice a vegetarian or vegan diet lifestyle.

When and how do I pay my program fee?
You may pay the program fee anytime after you have been offered and assigned a placement, or wait till you arrive into Ghana before paying. You however need to pay a commitment deposit to hold the placement assigned to you within a certain period of timeframe.
You can pay the program fee through the following means:
• By Wire Transfer through your bankers.
• You can also pay your program fee securely online through our highly-reputed payment processor using any of the following credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, JCB, Switch, Discover, PayPal, US Check, Solo, and Credit Card by Phone or fax with 16 toll-free international numbers.
• Western Union Money Transfer – using your debit or credit card securely online or by phone.
• Cash installments (or full payment) upon arrival into Ghana.

Will I be met at the Ghana airport? Yes indeed.
On the day (or night) of your arrival, S.A.V.O staffs will be at the airport to welcome you and transfer you to a hotel with air-conditioned rooms and restaurant only in the night of your arrival, Orientation and transportation to your assigned placement will be done the next morning following your arrival day but arrival in day time you will be transported to your destination (KUMASI).

How do I get to my assigned placement?
A SAMBA staff will transport you by car or bus to your placement location – the morning after your arrival day.

Do I have to work every day of the week?
No, you don’t. Volunteer work days begin on Monday and ends Friday. Saturday and Sunday are leisure days – to use as you please.

How is a typical volunteering day like?
You would usually wake- up by 6.30am. By 7.30am, you should have had your bath, etc. Breakfast would be ready by 7.30am. Lunch would be served around 12 noon. Dinner is served between 5.30 and 7pm.

The actual volunteering work changes according to the program type. As a general rule, volunteering work ends at 4pm. usually it ends by 2pm. You can play an indoor or outdoor game and/or visit an internet cafe and/or chat and/or read and/or prepare for the next day’s work after volunteering work.

How is a typical weekend like?
Weekends, are free days to volunteers. You may choose to travel out of town to see the many interesting sights and sounds in other parts of Ghana or hang out with your fellow volunteer(s) and/or locals in the neighbourhood.

How is my accommodation like? The accommodation belongs to the host-families. There are always other people in the house as well; and they would be willing to give you some assistance. You would be placed in the same location with another volunteer – unless you specifically state that you like to be stayed alone. Participants coming as couple or pair will not be placed with other volunteers in the same bedroom. The volunteer(s) have their separate room – with a lock and key. It is good or advisable to come along with a mosquito net and a spare bed sheet. Many homes have a shower and flush toilet. In others you would have to manage with a bucket of water and a pit toilet – more likely in smaller towns and villages. Laundry is usually done with a couple of buckets.

How is the food like? Volunteers will be served three meals daily. Breakfast is usually tea/ coffee/ oats or corn porridge and bread with jam/ butter/ egg omelet. Lunch; plantain or rice or yam with vegetable stew or similar. Dinner; yam, pasta or plantain with vegetable sauce or stew or soup. For dessert you’d be served an orange or pineapple.

Or you can choose to eat local food!
Is Ghana safe? Ghana is one of the safest nations or countries in Africa and the world for that matter. That’s why tourism or tourist arrivals rise yearly. Your safety is of paramount importance to Samba Africa. As such we provide you all the relevant safety hints.

How about sight-seeing opportunities? Samba organizes regular trips to popular tourist sites for all volunteers. We inform all current volunteers about any upcoming event tour. Non-Samba volunteers can also sign up for such tours.