image002Founded in 2011, Samba Africa has been able to provide many solutions to health problems as well as the orphanage homes with the aim of helping people to help them.

Samba Africa has demonstrated its ability to develop and permanently institute long-term solutions to pressing orphanage issues and health problems in the country, the true way of assisting people.

We are committed to the world’s new health issues by playing an important role forging new alliances among people on the frontlines of health and together seek new solutions.

The Samba Africa Voluntary Organization (SAVO-Ghana) was founded by Daniel Butuakwa D., a Ghanaian social worker, in the year 2011.


  • To help solve the challenges facing various communities in Ghana and develop realistic
  • appropriate, and proficient solutions to these challenges. This would be tackled through the development of appropriate sustainability projects, advocacy, education, training, and infrastructural facilities. This in the lengthy term, will protect, restore the quality of human life, and development in communities.
  • To endow with a whole range of cross cultural program and hold up services to students, youth, educators, volunteers, institutions, etc.


To make a difference in the Lives of the needy and progress of Mankind


our aim is to succeed in sustainable advances in health care as well as the orphanage homes by implementing health, education programs and providing humanitarian assistance.